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A deeper cause; a letter from a friend of ours.

Hey buddy,

Merry Christmas!

Hope you are having a wonderful holiday.

Hold all orders please. On December 23 I lost my #1 patient. She was put on hospice 5 years ago for chronic end stage CPOD. She was put on oxygen 24/7, given 6 months to live, and loaded up with both morphine, and Xanax.

The morphine had her so constipated, it took many stool softeners and days to have a movement.

The combo with Xanax turned her into a couch bound Zombie.

I took action, studied up. Bought some books, equipment, and went to work.

After close review of my spreadsheet data, processing, and dosage control, she agreed to work with me on narcotics replacement with THC infused meds.

In two months the difference was visible.

In four months she was out and about.

Her doctor, an oncologist and proponent of medical marijuana was very helpful in the process.

She died December 22.

She was my best friend, she was my first recipient of edible meds.

She was my mom.

RIP Eleanor ****.

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